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All walks are a full hour at the park, with a maximum of four dogs per person. Guaranteed availability Monday to Friday providing you book by 5pm the day before.

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Terms and Conditions - Please read carefully
The client acknowledges that Mad Dogs and Englishmen allows dogs to play and interact directly with one another off leash. The client further acknowledges that due to this, injuries to pets may occur. The client agrees that MDAE will not be held liable for any injury or illness and expressly waives any and all claims against MDAE, or its employees for any loss, injury or illness to their pet or their property while in the care of MDAE or its agents. MDAE Bay agrees to provide services in a reliable, safe, sanitary and trustworthy manner.

The client agrees to express any known behavioural/aggression problems that their pet has with other animals, toys, food or humans. The client is solely responsible for any harm or injury caused by their pet while in the care of MDAE.

The client understands that all pets accepted must be in good general health. Vetenarian information and proof of all required vaccinations must be provided to MDAE during the initial interview, and immediately upon any changes. Pets must be on a flea and tick prevention program whilst in our care. Under no circumstances will MDAE, or its employees, be held responsible for Paralysis Tick, Canine Influenza, Injury, Death, Loss or Damages of any kind whatsoever that may occur to any animal while in the care of MDAE.

Should any pet become ill or injured while with MDAE, we reserve the right to administer necessary aid, and , if necessary, transport the pet to a vet. Any expenses incurred are the responsibility of the client. MDAE will attempt to contact the pets own vet, but reserves the right to transport the pet to another if necessary.

The client agrees to pay any invoiced amount within 14 days of the invoice being issued.

Any walks cancelled later than 5pm the night before will be charged at the full rate. There is no charge for walks cancelled prior to this. If we are unable to gain access to the dog on the day, the walk will still be charged at the full rate.