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Doggy Daycare in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast & more..

If you need your dog occupied for longer than an hour, we also offer a double walk (Daycare). This is 2 consecutive 1 hour walks at the park plus driving.

No need to drop off at a daycare centre or pick up after work as we will do all the driving for you – Just book in and let us do the rest! 

Rather than send your pooch to a daycare and keep your dogs inside in a confined space, we will take your dogs to local parks and beaches for the morning or afternoon, where would your dog rather be, at the beach off the leash for the day or in a daycare centre? They can run freely, swim, play, chase a ball, PLUS there are no annoying drop offs or pick ups after work. 

We come to your house and take them with us for two consecutive walks (Daycare) They will get to spend the day running, swimming and playing freely with other dogs and return home EXHAUSTED! We will even post photos on instagram so you can see what they are up to. This means 2 x 1 hour walks at the park, along with time taken to drive to the park and get the other dogs, your dog will typically be out of the house for 3-4 hours.

All of the walks will have no more than 4 dogs in them, so we can make sure your pooches get the highest level of care from our professional dog walkers.

Note - due to the high level of exercise the dogs get during the walks, any more than 2 hours of running at the park can be too much - especially in dogs aged 8-24 months as their bones are still forming. If your dog cannot be left alone due to issues such as Separation Anxiety or Destructive Behaviour, we suggest you book in a Training Session (Click here to book) to resolve the issue, and free yourself from the issues that mean your dog can't be left alone for short periods.

RSPCA Advice on walking dogs (Click here)

Signs and Risks of Over Exercising Your Dog (Click here)

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Doggy Daycare Prices

One Dog

Additional Dog


***Special Introductory Price for all ADELAIDE Customers - 10% off advertised price***

All prices are inclusive of GST.

Doggy Daycare is two consecutive, one-hour walks at local parks, with driving in between each walk (typically 3-4 hours out of the house).

Quoted Prices are recommended price only, some franchisees may charge less.

Mad Dogs & Englishmen do not offer outings longer than 2 x 1 hour walks due to the risk of over exercising the dogs (see the links above re risks of over exercising)

Discount for additional dog applies when both dogs are from the same house, and walked at the same time. In-between walks the dogs will be transported in the van while collecting and dropping-off other dogs, and going to different parks. 10% discount for five-days-a-week regular bookings (a regular booking is a minimum of two months.)