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Mad Dogs & Englishmen has featured on National & International television, including appearances on Catalyst, Better Homes and Gardens, Sunrise, Sunday Night Takeaway, BBC, ABC and in media all around the world!


Better Homes and Gardens - Dr Harry meets the Seagull Patrollers....

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The Sydney Opera House has enlisted adorable patrol dogs to protect diners from pesky seagulls!

Channel 7's 'The Morning Show'

Seagull Patrol

Muffin and James on abc's, "Inside the Opera House"

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BBC World News

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Xavier from Mad Dogs & Englishmen telling his Koala story to Lisa Wilkinson

The Mentor with Quickbooks

Sydney's famous Opera House bar is forced to take drastic action to scare away hordes of seagulls after pesky birds nab people's food

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Seagull Patrol Dogs Are Here to Protect Your Chips. Sonic deterrents and a robotic hawk didn’t do the trick, so the Opera House has brought in pup patrol

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Adorable patrol dogs are protecting Opera House diners from seagulls

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Seagull Patrol. Photo Credit: Jacquie Manning

These Extremely Good Boys Are Now Here To Protect Your Meals At The Sydney Opera House

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Photo Credit: Lauren Smith/Australian Geographic

The Opera House is the latest Sydney icon to enlist the help of adorable pooches to fix their seagull problem

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Seagull Patrol. Pedestrian. Photo Credit: Jacquie Manning

The Sydney Opera House Is Enlisting Good Dogs To Scare Off Ratbag Seagulls

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