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Opera House Seagull Patrol

Meet our seagull chasing superstars! Muffin, Tauzer and friends have been successfully removing the seagulls from the Sydney Opera House. We have trained dogs that will help the seagulls to decide to go elsewhere for their food, leaving your customers to peacefully enjoy their food without the constant aerial attacks! Our Dogs are trained specifically to chase seagulls & are super social with people!

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After decades of seagulls stealing peoples food at the iconic Sydney Opera House, and trying numerous ways of scaring them away including mechanical hawks, food covers, nothing worked......until Mad Dogs & Englishmen arrived with Muffin & Tauzer. While the dogs are present there are are zero seagull attacks on food. we have trained dogs and handlers that understand the behaviours of the seagulls and exactly what to do to keep them away.

  • Reduce the amount of refunds due to seagulls knocking over glasses and stealing customers food.
  • Increase Revenue - Ornithophobia is a fear of birds and is something 1% of the population suffer from & the 16th biggest phobia on the planet! Imagine that 1 person in a hundred not bringing their family to your restaurant! We get people telling us right through the day how grateful they are we are there & how scared they are of birds.
  • Novelty Value! People love seeing the dogs at work, and we can't go 5 minutes without people coming up to ask us about the dogs or take a photo! Also, while the seagulls are away, we are happy for the public to give them a pat. 

As every situation is unique, call us now so we can come up with a plan to keep the seagulls away.

Muffin & Rasy on Channel 10

Seagull Patrol Dogs Rasy & Muffin on Studio 10 Live


Mad Dogs on Sunrise

ABC Sydney

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Appeared on Chinese Global Television Network this week.

Posted by Mad Dogs & Englishmen on Thursday, February 28, 2019