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We Provide Professional Dog Day-care in the Eastern Suburbs

If you're not comfortable leaving your dog alone to their own devices, then dog day-care in the Eastern Suburbs is the solution. Dogs, by nature, are curious and mischievous, which usually gets them into unnecessary trouble. However, when you place them in day care, they have the opportunity to enjoy the things they love most, dog walks in the Eastern Suburbs. Mad Dogs & Englishmen offer a professional dog day care service that includes dog walking by a professional dog walker in the Eastern Suburbs.



Benefits of Dog Walking in the Eastern Suburbs

Several studies have demonstrated that only half of dog owners take their pets for a walk at least once a day. Dogs rely on walks for exercise and to stretch out their limbs. Similar to how humans require daily activity to increase our length of life, dogs must engage in some form of action for their health and wellbeing. Owners struggle to find the time to take their dogs for a walk amid work and other responsibilities. Hence, you should trust a puppy dog walker in the Eastern Suburbs to do the job.

  • Weight problems aren't reserved for humans. There are occasions where dogs are obese and require regular walks to burn calories. When a dog is overweight, it has the potential to affect other areas of its health. Your dog's joints and limbs require consistent movement to ensure they remain healthy, particularly through old age when these areas become tender. Furthermore, dogs that walk regularly eliminate the risk of experiencing cardiovascular and liver disease.
  • Dogs are inclined to abide by schedules and routines. They adopt the same principle with relieving themselves. When a dog goes on walks, their digestion is promoted, which prevents constipation. Additionally, when urine sits in a dog's bladder for too long, it leads to infections, so emptying its bladder on daily walks keeps him happy and healthy.
  • Dogs that walk often don't only reap the physical benefits but mental benefits too. When dogs get to explore new areas, they come across other animals and interact with other dogs in a social environment. As a result, their minds are stimulated which won't happen if they're fenced in all the time. Furthermore, a dog that walks daily expends their excess energy which makes sleeping easier at night.

Tips for Choosing the Best Doggy Day-care in the Eastern Suburbs

As a dog owner, you try everything to ensure your pet is taken care of and comfortable. From feeding them the best food to providing them with a warm, soft bed to sleep in, it's safe to say that dogs are precious to humans. When you have to work for most of the day and don't have anyone home to offer company for your dog, there is puppy day-care in the Eastern Suburbs. Now, there's no reason to feel guilty as you can leave your dog with a reliable day care service and go about your day. However, you must follow these tips to find the best service for your dog.

  • You already have a stressful day ahead of you; hence you don't want the struggle of ushering your dog to day care in the morning and fetching them in the evening. Search for a service that can conduct the travel on your behalf. At Mad Dogs & Englishmen, we offer to fetch your dog at the stipulated time and drop them off when you're at home. As a result, the process is stress-free.
  • Ask the doggy day care if they provide any activities for your dog during their stay. It's pointless leaving your dog with a service that merely keeps dogs in kennels for the entire time. Vets suggest that you find a day care that includes dog walking services in the Eastern Suburbs to keep your pet fit and maintain its health.
  • You should be wary of how many dogs are kept together and whether they're separated according to size. Dogs are emotional creatures with various types of personalities. You should never allow a calm or older dog around those that are more active and vibrant. A reputable doggy day care service values every dog and handles them according to their needs.

Signs Your Pet Requires Dog Training in the Eastern Suburbs

Dogs are a joy to have, especially when they obey your commands and are well-behaved. However, when life gets busy, it's challenging to keep enforcing specific rules and instructions due to time constraints. As a result, the dog stops obeying commands and displays signs of rebellion. These are some of the signs to look out for that indicate your dog requires obedience training.

  • If you find that your dog is overprotective of their food, it's a sign of resource guarding. While it serves dogs well in the wild to keep other animals away from its food, it should never occur in a family environment. If you leave this insecurity unchecked, it could lead to nipping, biting or serious injury but some time in an obedience class will do your dog good.
  • A dog barking is a common occurrence but excessive barking is a problem, especially if your neighbours are nearby. Your job is to balance trying to stop your dog's barking from annoying the neighbours to allowing them to notify you of something urgent. When your dog is trained thoroughly, they will obey commands such as 'quiet' or 'stop' and realise when it's an appropriate time to bark or not.
  • If you've had guests over and your dog reacts wildly, not giving them space to settle down, this is a cause for concern. While not every dog is naturally polite, they need to learn the basics of being in a social setting. This behaviour entails sitting and waiting patiently to be called. Dogs that receive proper training are capable of behaving agreeably when confronted by other people.

Why Trust Mad Dogs & Englishmen as a Dog Walking Business in the Eastern Suburbs

Our passion and love for dogs have led us to assist people with doggy day care and dog walking for over 14 years. In this time, we've established ourselves as a popular and professional dog walking service in the Eastern Suburbs with franchises across the country. Our promise to our customers is that we'll always turn up, walk a maximum of four dogs per walker, always walk for a full hour and not expose your dog to more than 30 minutes of travel in our air-conditioned vans.

We are responsible for the seagull patrol down at the Sydney Opera House and are proud of our achievements since starting in 2006. We remain committed to excellence and always keep our customers updated in the form of Instagram posts when your dog is with us.

Whether you require day care or someone to walk your dog, contact us, and we'll make the necessary arrangements.