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Dog Training

In home Individual Dog Training or Solo Training Walks with our qualified Dog Trainers.

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In home Dog Training & Individual Training Walks.

In Home Dog Training

Our In home Dog Training sessions are tailor made for your dog - just book your training session online now & one of our team of qualified dog trainers will be in touch. The sessions take around 90 minutes, or book in a block of 4 x 1 hour sessions!

Solo Training Walks for Anti Social & Difficult Dogs

Is your dog is not great around other dogs and the group dog walking isn't suitable for your dog just yet?  - Have you considered solo training walks with one of our Qualified Dog Trainers?

Our training walks are specifically designed for dogs with problematic behaviour, such as reactivity to other dogs or people. After an initial consult, our Mad Dog’s trainer, will pick your dog up and work on the skills spoken about in the consult/training plan. We will visit new environments as well work with our own calm dogs so that we can help you and your dog accelerate their learning. (Sorry - This Service is only currently available in Sydney!).

Please note, prior to booking in your Solo Training Walks you will need to book an initial consult with one of our Qualified Dog Trainers. We will discuss you, and your dogs needs - and come up with a tailor made training plan, and also give you some valuable tips and advice. 

Training Consults

Our Mad Dog’s trainer will work with you and your dog to understand and alleviate any behavioural or training issues. This service is provided in your home to help us understand your lifestyle and their behaviour best. 

We aim to provide a clear plan following the initial assessment, and guide you through a tailor-made training program where you become your dog's trainer. With constant support following the initial assessment included, we strive to congratulate you through your successes but also help navigate the off days. Training and behaviour modification is a collaborative effort, so with your dedication and our experience, we can help your dog become a better canine citizen.

Our open and adaptable philosophy to dog training means we aim to train in a simple and logical way - we will leave you with clear instructions on what to do, and make the training technique as simple as possible leaving you with a broad understanding of how your dog thinks and provide you with the tools you need to get your dog to do whatever you want.

Our unique training system is based not just on gaining qualifications, but also from years of working with dogs through our dog walking service, and spending every day at the local parks exercising thousands of dogs off leash over the years. This wide level of experience has given us a unique understanding of how dogs think and why they do what they do!

All of our training sessions are tailor made to suit your dog. We take into account the dogs temperament, what you (the owner) wants, and also the general living situation and environment the dog is in - very basically we aim to get the following message across:

Rule 1

When you tell a dog to do something never repeat the command, and the command will always happen. As long as we ALWAYS follow through with what we say there can only be two outcomes to a command:

  1. Do what I say and get a reward.
  2. Do what I say and don't get a reward.

There is no option 3, which is the dog chooses not to obey the command. Very quickly, once your dog can reliably predict he has to obey the command either way, he will start to do it willingly as he may as well do it and get the reward!

Rule 2

The owner initiates everything! YOU decide when to greet, interact, play with and feed the dog.

Rule 3

Change the outcome of the dogs behaviour to get the result you want. Put simply, your dog is doing a behaviour (whatever it is), because of the outcome that behaviour gets - if the outcome of that behaviour changes to something the dog doesn't like or the behaviour no longer works - the behaviour will go away!

Rule 4

Your dog must always come when called and never avoid you.

We will show you how to follow through with a command that he chooses to ignore. Here is a good example to simply demonstrate this process:

You tell your dog to "SIT", there can only be two outcomes, as explained above:

  1. He sits and you give him a reward of a piece of his favourite food – chicken!
  2. He ignores you, so you push his bum on the floor to the sit position (without repeating the command), and he doesn't get the chicken.

If he knows you will always follow through, he now has two possible outcomes to the command – sit and get a chicken, or sit and don't get chicken. Once the dog 100% knows he will have to sit anyway, which option will he choose?

Do we offer dog training in your area?

Please note, although we currently offer dog training for most of Sydney, we do not currently offer this service in Wollongong, Canberra or the Gold Coast. There area many issues our professional dog handlers can work on during the course of the regular group walks, especially issues like socialisation and recall – so contact your local franchisee to see if they can help. Or call James on 0406 120191 if you are unsure if we cover your area.

Dog Training Prices

Dog Training

Sessions are 90 minutes and take place in owners' home.

Other Training Services:

Solo Training Walks $75 for a 1 hour walk with a qualified dog trainer

Special offer 4 x 1 hour session $399 inclusive of GST