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Mad Dogs & Englishmen has franchises operating in Sydney and Brisbane. Each franchisee provides the same personal, professional, honest and reliable service

Coogee and Bondi

Experienced NDTF Qualified Dog Trainer, and 'Sydney Opera House Seagull Patrol Dog Handler, Xavier, is excited to be bring MDAE to Bondi & Coogee.

Xavier & Rasy on Seagull Patrol at the Opera House
Xavier has over 8 years experience working with Mad dogs including starting our Eastern Suburbs franchise and running it for 4 years. He has also worked as a dog handler at the opera house with live TV appearances on Sunrise, Channel 10 and in the Top Dog film festival with our famous seagull patrol dogs.

"I'm excited to be back walking dogs in the east of Sydney doing what I love. Having also studied dog behaviour and training I can help reinforce good behaviour on the walks and am available every day to walk dogs any day without fail - just let me know by 5pm the night before and I will be there!"
Dog Walking & Doggy Daycare Daily in Coogee, Randwick, Bondi, Bronte, Maroubra, Botany, Kensington Cloevelly and all surrounding area's, ."

Professional Dog Walking Service Coogee and Bondi

We Are the Most Popular Professional Dog Walking Service in Coogee and Bondi.

Trust our reliable team at Mad Dogs & Englishmen to take care of your dogs and enjoy the confidence of knowing you are using the most popular professional dog walking service in Coogee and Bondi. We offer a range of dog caring services to help you give your dog the best life you can. While you are at work, they are alone at home, often bored and lacking the exercise they need to sustain their physical and emotional health. Our range of services covers all aspects concerned with their care across several major cities all over Australia.

Benefits of Mad Dogs & Englishmen

Follow our convenient online booking system to book any of our trusted services and take the first step to enjoy the wealth of benefits we offer. We are the largest and most popular professional provider of dog walking Coogee and Bondi.

• We have a widespread presence and are active across several major cities with 19 successful franchises flaunting our name. Some of the major areas where you will notice any of our 65 vans, running the streets to commute our canine clients are Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Wollongong. The result of our wide-spread presence is that regardless of where you live, the odds are in your favour to find our service amongst your local providers.

• We never fail to show up, be on time or deliver what we promised. Not only can you rely on us to take care of our dogs, but your dogs can count on us for immaculate care during every minute they spend with us. It is an adventure that often starts when we collect them at your home with a pleasant journey in our air-conditioned vans, never lasting longer than 30 minutes. While out walking for an entire hour, dogs have the freedom to roam under supervision, an abundance of exercise and playful moments.

• We always limit the number of animals on our dog walks in Coogee and Bondi to no more than four. It’s one of the many ways how we ensure that your dog gets all the affection and attention he or she deserves when our team is out with them.

• We believe you expect nothing but the best for your dogs, which is why we go beyond expectation to deliver more than any other dog walking business in Coogee and Bondi will commit to. Your dogs can rely on our professional team who are all thoroughly trained to deal with any canine character. Thus, we are entirely equipped to give your dog the care it needs to be happy, obedient and fit to maintain optimal health and a superb overall condition.

What You Can Expect from Mad Dogs & Englishmen Regarding Dog Walking Services in Coogee and Bondi.

Our passion for dogs inspires us to deliver nothing but immaculate care.

• Our range of services is much more comprehensive than merely being the most popular professional dog walker in Coogee and Bondi. You can rely on our qualified team to care for even the most untrained and disobedient puppy. As an established puppy dog walker in Coogee and Bondi, we know how to help any youngster to be obedient during walks, to follow the group rules and to listen to and act upon instructions.

• Our dog day care Coogee and Bondi offers you the most convenient solution to caring for your dog as our vans will fetch your dog at any given address in the city and save you the time and effort to drop them off or to collect them after a long day at the office.

• City dogs are often restricted in space and movement for most of the day while you are at work, but it doesn’t have to be the case. Our doggy day care in Coogee and Bondi provides a safe space where they can enjoy daily trips to the beach or the park and get the necessary exercise and stimulation to be happy.

• We keep a watchful eye on them for the entire day while they enjoy the freedom of swimming, running and playing around. Even little ones are welcome at our puppy day care in Coogee and Bondi. When we drop them off after a fun-filled day, they are ready to have a relaxed evening with the person they care about the most.

• Does your dog embarrass you with poor manners and disobedient behaviour? We can help you to put an end to such troubles. Our dog training in Coogee and Bondi is highly regarded all around the country. All our qualified trainers have years of experience training dogs with all kinds of personalities. We know how important it is to adapt our approach to your dog during training to get the most out of each character.

About Mad Dogs & Englishmen

In 2006 our dream started small in Coogee and Bondi. From humble beginnings, we were able to grow into a successful franchise involved in the lives of many happy dogs and their owners. Today we are present in the lives of many canines across Coogee and Bondi and even more through our franchises in New South Wales, Queensland and ACT. We provide a comprehensive service from dog walking to dog day care as well as training. You can trust us with your dog of any age, from the most playful puppies to the grumpier seniors in our care. Our qualified team share the knowledge on how to treat them with passion, love and caring discipline.

A highlight in our 14 years in the business was without a doubt when we were able to bring two solutions, named Muffin and Tauzer, to end the relentless attacks which visitors to the Canberra Opera House had to endure. Seagulls terrorised tourists visiting the world-renowned site by stealing their food and no effort brought on a solution. The failure of numerous attempts to minimise the problem was overwhelming until Mad Dogs & Englishmen entered the scene in 2018. Our excellent training transformed Muffin and Tauzer into national heroes. Today the seagull problem is a concern of the past as our trained dogs always keep them at bay. You can follow the story of our Seagull patrol and how our dog training took matters from rather hopeless to a massively successful feel-good story featuring across the country in national media. It’s a story so inspiring that it is even captured in a film which received massive national interest.

You can enjoy the many benefits we offer as the leading dog walker in your area. Contact us and give your dog the care it deserves.

How to book: Complete the online booking form or call Xavier on: 0434 533 006

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Contact Xavier for dog walking in Coogee and Bondi

0434 533 006


Dog Walking $30 + GST
Doggy Daycare From $47 + GST

Wayne is THE real dog whisperer
Wayne is THE real dog whisperer (move over Cesar Milan) as he was able to pretty much instantly help us connect and positively influence our beautiful but wilful, intelligent English Staffy puppy, Suki.

Wayne has an engaging and very warm personality which owners and dogs immediately connect with. After the first session, Suki was hooked and genuinely looked forward to his next visits.

For me, his human student, I found Wayne to be inspirational. He understood our brief to eradicate the bad habits whist maintaining her essential 'dog-anality'. The whole experience is a good reminder that only bad owners make "bad pups". Suki & Stewart