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Renowned, Ethical, Long-Term Franchise Provides Care and Dog Walks in Chatswood & St Ives

We do dog walks in Chatswood, Canberra, Sydney, Wollongong, Tweed, Sutherland Shire, Brisbane, Melbourne, and on the Gold and Central Coast of NSW. You've probably heard of us as our dogs keep the Sydney Opera House restaurants and the Art Gallery in NSW free of seagulls, enabling customers to enjoy their fish and chips in peace. Message our reputable company today.

The Benefits of a Professional Dog Walking Service in Chatswood

Our professional dog walkers in Chatswood, and all our trainers and handlers understand that different dogs enjoy doing different things. You may have seen our Opera House dog patrols on Channels 7, 9 or 10, ABC News, Sunrise, Daily Mail, Studio 10, CGTN, Australian Geographic, Telegraph, or the Chinese Global Television Network. View some videos if you haven't seen our dogs in action.

  • Our charges are happy, healthy, well cared for, and sociable. It takes approximately two hours to collect your dog and three friends, drive to the park, bush, or beach, spend an hour there, and take each dog home. Go to our "Doggy Day Care" page if you want your dog to go on longer outings.
  • We can put dogs in a larger group for a good run-around if they delight in playing with others and chasing a ball around. Older, nervous, injured, or frail personalities will be put in a tranquil group. We try to vary the walks so they have new experiences and adventures to enjoy during their time with us.
  • We have the knowledge, competence, and enthusiasm to change a tense, scared, anti-social, or reactive dog into a calmer, more self-confident, well-socialised, and happier pooch that likes being part of a team. Our puppy dog walker in Chatswood can socialise your pup during the pack walks, and our dog training in Chatswood includes advising our clients on how to help their problematic dogs to become well-adjusted.
  • James Webb is the founder of Mad Dogs & Englishmen and operates from Sydney and the Central Coast. He acquired his qualifications from the National Dog Trainers Federation and has years of experience in effective dog training. His methods are simple, logical, and he employs an open, flexible philosophy. He helps you to understand how your dog thinks - by looking at the state of affairs from the dog's perspective - and works from there to give you straightforward, well-defined instructions so you can change your dog's behaviour and achieve your goals. Dogs learn behaviour patterns and James changes the result of unwanted behaviour - which, in turn, changes the dog's decision-making, which enables the removal of the behaviour pattern.
  • We also have other dog trainers who own Mad Dogs franchises. Kyle operates in Brisbane, Gabriel in Manly, Xavier in the Eastern suburbs, and Carlos offers dog walking services in Chatswood. They combine the training with their daily group walks, which means that your dog is walked, exercised and trained at the same time.
  • Our dog walking in Chatswood services involve a maximum of four dogs per person and last a full hour. We're available from Mondays to Fridays and guarantee that your local dog walker will be handy if you book before five p.m. the day before. We always show up, and your dog won't face more than 30 minutes travel-time in the van.

You can see how your dog's walk turned out if you follow us on Instagram because we post pictures every day. Please be aware that we may refuse certain dog breeds that could put their companions at risk in a group setting.

Problems Dog Day Care in Chatswood Addresses

Certain canine researchers think that leaving an adult dog alone for more than eight to ten hours is stretching it and regard ten to twelve hours as too long. They believe that the limit for pups is two hours and that elderly dogs - or those with health problems that require special care - shouldn't be left alone for more than six.

  • Dog owners who work long or odd hours often find it difficult to leave their pets unsupervised, home alone, and lonesome if they don't have company for long periods. Some dogs are known to experience separation anxiety when feeling forsaken, causing them to cry and constantly bark, feel depressed, or become destructive. Caring owners, therefore, turn to day care or dog walkers to resolve the problem. Our doggy day care in Chatswood offers a solution.
  • We do the driving for you and will pick up and drop off your dog. We take your pooch to the neighbouring park or the beach in the morning or afternoon so they can run freely, sniff around, swim, chase a ball, and play. They are not confined in a day care centre.
  • If you book our half-day service, our puppy day care in Chatswood professionals will take them on two sequential walks. The longer day care encompasses three walks with us and your dog's varied four-legged mates.
    Dogs are social animals that need mental stimulation, exercise, and contact with their kind. They also crave some adventure and require a break from the boredom of their day-to-day routine now and then.
    Our dog walking business in Chatswood will assist if your busy lifestyle and long working hours prevent you from spending as much time with your dog as you would like. Our solutions can keep both of you happy.

Complete the book doggy day care form to give your dog a day of fun and games with friends and the highest level of care from our dog walkers.

About Mad Dogs & Englishmen

Our founders, James Webb, and his wife Catherine established the company in 2006. The concern has grown steadily, and we currently have 19 franchises that offer dog walking and day care services in Australia. There are no similar concerns that cover as many different states and areas as we do. We deliver organised, dependable, principled, superior services and employ fully trained staff members. You will become well-acquainted with your local franchise owner, who keeps you updated on your dog's progress and posts pictures of the outings on Instagram every day. We have 65 modern, air-conditioned vans to ensure that your pooch is transported in comfort and style.

We offer a 50 percent discount for additional dogs from the same household if you have more than one, and a 10 percent mark-down for regular clients who book our services five days per week for two months. Please note that some areas are subject to GST. Contact us by five p.m. today to schedule a walk, doggy day care, or pet sitting, and we will start tomorrow.