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45 minute Individual Walk & Train

In conjunction with our dog training, we also offer Solo Training Walks for dogs that are not able to join the group walks

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If your dog is not able to join our group walks - maybe due to nervousness or aggression or anti social behaviour like barking at other dogs or pulling on the lead - our Solo Training Dog Walks may be the solution.

First you need to book in an initial consult with one of our NDTF Qualified Trainers, where we will establish what the issues are and come up with a plan of how to achieve the goals we set out during the solo walks.

We can then send a qualified dog handler to come over on a regular basis to do a solo training walk. This entails a 45 minute walk & train session where we come over and walk from your house around the local area, training as we go!

Simone organises the training walks. "I am currently completing a ACS Dog Psychology and Training course, before moving onto an Advanced Certificate IV in Dog and Companion Animal Care & Training."

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Solo Training Walks for Anti Social & Difficult Dogs

Prior to the first Solo Training Walk - we do 'Meet and Greet plus first Solo walk', this means a qualified dog trainer will come to your house and spend half an hour discussing yours and your dogs needs. Then we will do a 30 minute Solo Training walk, which you can join the dog trainer on. This will give you and the trainer a clear idea of what is happening, and what we need to do. The Meet & Greet plus first Solo Training walk is $125. All the information learned will be passed on to the trainer that will be doing the Solo Training Walks.

If your dog is not great around other dogs, and the group dog walking isn't suitable for your dog just yet?  - Have you considered solo training walks with one of our Qualified Dog Trainers?

Our training walks are specifically designed for dogs with problematic behaviour, such as reactivity to other dogs or people. After an initial consult, our Mad Dog’s trainer, will pick your dog up and work on the skills spoken about in the consult/training plan. We will visit new environments as well work with our own calm dogs so that we can help you and your dog accelerate their learning. (Sorry - This Service is only currently available in Sydney & Central Coast - coming to Brisbane soon!).
Please note, prior to booking in your Solo Training Walks you will need to book an initial consult with one of our Qualified Dog Trainers. We will discuss you, and your dogs needs - and come up with a tailor made training plan, and also give you some valuable tips and advice. 


Dog Training

Individual 90 Minute Training Session $269

Follow up Training Sessions are $179 and last an hour

Solo Training Walks $79.95 for a 45 Minute walk with a qualified dog trainer

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